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Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy is a comprehensive compounding pharmacy offering a variety of services tailored to fit our customers’ individualized needs. Our belief is that the more information and knowledge we can pass on to you, the more informed and, therefore, the more effective your treatment will ultimately be.

Call today to let us know how we can help you! We offer:

• Compounding

• Free Delivery

• Blister Packing

• Medication Reviews and Consults

• Saliva and Blood Spot Testing for:

         • Hormones

         • Thyroid

         • Cardiovascular Health

         • Iodine

Medication Reviews and Consults

We offer confidential medical reviews and consultations to help you with your drug regimen. If you have taken more than seven medications over the last six months and would like information regarding your medications, turn to your local experts at Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy.

When you come in for a medication review and consultation, please bring with you all of your medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements and anything else you may be taking for your health. We will discuss your medications, how to take them, when to take them and any potential adverse interactions you may experience.

Saliva and Blood Spot Testing

Hormonal imbalances could be the underlying cause of many health issues you may be experiencing. When your hormones are not in balance with one another, your body systems can become unstable and lead to a host of unwanted symptoms, disorders and diseases.

If you are experiencing fatigue, headaches, weight gain, irritability, infertility, mood swings, loss of sex drive, or depression, it could be the caused by a hormonal imbalance. Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy utilizes ZRT Laboratory’s saliva and blood spot testing to determine any imbalances with your hormones, thyroid, cardiovascular system and iodine levels.


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