What Is Compounding?

If you’ve ever tried to cut a pill in half, you know the frustration of having two unequal parts. How many parents have tried to smash a pill on a spoon to mix with water for the child who can’t swallow pills? Another frustration.

Instead of trying to adapt a medication to your specific needs, why not contact a PCCA member pharmacist? A pharmacist who has been trained by the Professional Compounding Centers of America knows how to adapt a prescription to meet individual needs. By visiting a PCCA member pharmacist, you’ll know you’ll always get the right dosage of medication in a form that’s easy for you to take.

Trained PCCA member pharmacists can personalize medication by:

• Strength

• Dosage Form

• Flavours

• Ingredients

A trained PCCA member pharmacist also can customize medications to address special conditions and circumstances including:

• Anti-aging/Cosmeceutical

• Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

• Men’s Health

• Pain Management

• Dental

• Hospice

• Pediatric

• Sports Medicine

• Flavour

PCCA member pharmacists are trained to mix medications so they can be delivered in a way that isn’t offensive to the patient. Alternative Medication Forms available from a PCCA member pharmacist include:

• Capsules

• Oral Liquids Troches or Lollipops

• Topical Preparations

• Suppositories

• Eye and Ear Drops

• Nasal Sprays

• Injections

Compounding for Veterinarians & Animal Owners

If our pets could only talk … but they can’t. That’s why it’s frightening when they’re drooling because they haven’t gotten the right dosage of a medication. Even if the dosage is right, there’s the agony of trying to get a dog or cat to swallow a pill. Tried to sneak it in a treat? Then you’ve watched your pet eat what they like and spit out the rest.

In these instances, compounding medication is a viable option for veterinarians and animal owners. Personalizing a pet’s medication is especially helpful for the pet that refuses to take medication because of its taste. It’s also an accurate way to ensure that pets of all sizes and breeds are getting medication that is the right dosage for them and won’t make sensitivities flare up.

Finally, a PCCA member pharmacist can duplicate a medication that has been discontinued due to lack of demand or production expense.

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